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The hope of a ford must be given up therefore; no boat or raft wasprocurable, and indeed could hardly live in such a torrent, bridging wasout of the question, so nothing remained but to swim for it. Rogerfigured that, while of course he could not swim directly across, if hecould manage to make any resistance to the current at all and wouldpoint up stream at a slight angle, the onrush of the stream would carryhim across. A little distance below the ford he had attempted, the riverflowed deeper with less apparent turmoil, and there, perhaps, was achance to get through alive.[Pg 132]

Rush Telugu Dubbed Free Download In Torrent


Just at the narrowest part, when it was difficult sometimes to avoid thepaddles striking the rock on the side, the torrent boiling through andboth men backing water, the canyon took a sharp turn to the right. Harrythrew her head round, but not far enough, for there, not fifteen feetaway from the angle of the bend, a black rock rose sheer from the water,with a spur sticking out, exactly like the spur of a fighting cock. Theboat could not clear, and though Roger got the bow by, the[Pg 293] currentcrushed the side of the canoe against the rock, and with a cry theIndian leaped for the spur.

"There, then, crouched bear and man, almost within striking distance ofeach other, and yet both too weak to get up. Prudence bade the hunterlie still, but seeing that the eyes of the bear were glazing fast, hethought he might make shift to defend himself in the event of a finalrush, and he reached out his hand for his hunting knife, which hadfallen a few feet away. But the brute was still conscious of danger, andshe reared with a roar of pain and thundered down upon the man, whostruck with the knife as she fell upon him, the blade striking thesnout, the tenderest part of the whole body. She buried her teeth in hisshoulder, but relaxed the pressure almost instantly from her own painand rolled over him leaving him free.


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