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Download File Beek - Omg.rar ##HOT##

One boy named Alexander was sitting at lessons when suddenly in discord wrote to him an incomprehensible person with a very strange nickname, he threw him a video called "M̶i̶n̶e̶c̶r̶a̶f̶t̶ ERR422 54 45 53 54" in the description there was a link to download a file that was incomprehensible to him as it turned out later it was not just a file but the most real infernal minecraft and after a couple of hours he regretted that he opened it...

Download File Beek - Omg.rar


Recently from the channel Dudnak released a video called "363333" I started to download this mystical version, but after I uploaded this version of the video it was removed, it is not clear why? I started the game and in the main menu I saw that instead of the ground mossy cobblestone was replaced and in the minecraft logo different blocks are changing, the symbols are still changing, I also saw that instead of the multi player button in the error, I looked at the top that this version is called Error 633 and a distorted disc 13 is also playing I looked in the root file of the mob this mob is called eyes404 has a black steve skin with red eyes and I also think this is the son of error 422 but he is in the form of an alpha if anyone can find mysticism there then put the screenshots here please and the menu version is very creepy here is the link: _vprBCqyItmA

Hello, in this story I will tell you about a strange mob in a strange version of minecraft, which I came across when I received a strange message in my mail, I opened and saw only a link to the file sharing service, I decided to follow the link and I saw the file name "a1.2.2 c" I first thought that this is the usual version of minecraft, but when I viewed the launcher, I did not see this version anywhere. I got interested and decided to launch and see what's special about this version? I created the world and started to survive. I cut down a tree built a temporary house out of mud, I decided not to stay in one place. I went further and noticed that the further I moved away from my previous location, the more lags there were, and the more broken chunks sank. I thought it was a bug and didn't pay attention to it, but then the chunks drew strange holes, strange positions of blocks, I started to get stressed out, and suddenly I saw something in the distance, small 4 pixels caught my eye, it was the colors blue and light red, I decided to approach but when I came where this object was, but it disappeared like an enderman, and then my game froze and turned off. I don't know what it was but it clearly didn't look like a block. I rummaged through the game files and found the game folder texture to a strange mob in the folder "mobs" its name was "ocv115" I opened and before me stood the image of the skin like a player, but it was strange, I closed, I rummaged through the files and found one file "ocv115.class" I was not myself, I thought I was alone in my own world, but this was not the case, I have files of this game and free to download! But still, I didn't understand what was happening while I was surviving....

This happened just a week ago. My sister and brother and I decided to download the main again and play together. I was looking for the right version that day. And I found it (there was a similar name). When I downloaded it, it was shown in the files as " Minecraft.Nobody.exe". All right, I thought. When I came in, I was a little surprised. The buttons were black. I created the world. I played there for half an hour, until I noticed that there are no mobs here. And I just decided to record on camera (to show my achievements later). I played, got tired, and decided to finish for today. When I was watching the recording.... I was horrified. I really like to put the fog, and so I didn't see anything. But it was clearly visible on the recording: 041b061a72


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