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Where Can I Buy Virginia Peanuts Near Me

Plantation Peanuts is a proud supporter of many of our local civic associations. We attend (and sell peanuts) at many festivals around the state every year. Please click "Learn More" below to see if we will be near you!

where can i buy virginia peanuts near me


Peanuts were not a native North American crop, but instead are believed to have originated in South America somewhere near Peru or Brazil, where they were cultivated by indigenous peoples for over 2,000 years. Spanish and Portuguese traders would then transport the peanuts from South America to Mexico, then to countries across Africa and Europe.

As we wrote in our guide to the 5 Best Places to Go Apple Picking in Northern Virginia, Hollin Farms feels like a hidden gem, nestled on a beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain slope near Sky Meadows State Park. (This is a nice place to hike after a day harvesting peanuts or picking apples at the farm!)

As the story goes, in 1954 Dot Hubbard developed a great recipe and technique for cooking Virginia peanuts. Friends and family loved her special peanuts and soon, through word of mouth, a true mail order business was born. Today, Hubs peanuts are shipped to most places around the world and can be found in a wide variety of stores throughout the United States. And today, Hubs are still cooked in Sedley, right where they were originally born.

I agree. I read somewhere that the peanuts were really good... I bought two cans. Only had a few of one ... still have the other unopened can. The peanuts tasted rancid and had an aftertaste. Just wasted $8.00.

Another mystery that plagued me surfaced that same year while I was visiting my aunt and uncle during my Christmas vacation. The temperature fluctuated between 10 above to 10 or 15F. below the freezing point. Each morning my uncle would peer at the rhododendron just outside the kitchen window and quote the temperature within a few degrees. He was a crafty old bird, and I figured that he had a thermometer stashed away somewhere known only to him. But he continued to perform this trick - whether near the house or in the field - just so long as there was a rhododendron in sight. 041b061a72


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