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False Color Plug-in 3 For After Effects, Davinci And OFX Win [CRACKED]

this plug-in is great for doing color correction in real time. while i can certainly do this in post, the advantage of this plug-in is that it will analyze and correct your footage in real time. i have a 4k canon camera and i am shooting 35mm footage. i have to have a few 4k files on my computer to do this. when i edit, it takes a long time. this plug-in allows me to do this in real time using the frame of the camera. i can correct the colors in real time and show this to the director as i am editing.

False Color Plug-in 3 for After Effects, Davinci and OFX Win


this plug-in is good for certain situations. the correction is pretty accurate but i would like a smoother effect for some things. i work in the film/tv industry and i find this to be a good plug-in to use in a lot of situations. i would like to see this plug-in work on other things as well. i have a lot of footage that i use this on. there are some things that i have a hard time doing in post, because of the limitations of the plug-in. i also like the way the plug-in has the ability to do things that other plug-ins don't have. i use this for a lot of situations and its a great plug-in. i use this for certain things to try to achieve certain looks. i like that i can use it to make things look different.

this plugin is a great tool and i am very happy with it. it allows me to do the color correction i need quickly on my computer in real time. i'm not a colorist so i don't need to worry about how accurate the color correction is. i'm just trying to get it to look right.

i'm using this for post-production color correction on my canon 4k footage. one thing about color correction is that it's very easy to make a mistake when using the right tool. i am using the plugin after some footage was shot on an arri alexa, which doesn't have the same dynamic range. this tool is perfect for making sure everything is balanced properly and looking right.


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