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J. Cole - Crooked Smile (feat. TLC) Mp3 Free Download - HipHop Music

In an interview for Power 106 on June 13, 2013, Cole explained that the song's recording process was his longest and most strenuous because of the potential he saw. He thought TLC would be ideal after coming up with the hook, finding collaborating with them to be "crazy" and "far-fetched".[1] Cole was a fan of TLC's musicianship on the likes of "Unpretty" (1999) and "Waterfalls" (1995); he worked with the members in separate studios, meeting T-Boz in Los Angeles and then flying to Atlanta for Chilli. Chilli danced to his songs, an experience he highly appreciated. After having achieved success, Cole felt insistent on keeping his "crooked smile".[1] Two months after Cole's interview, T-Boz revealed that he contacted TLC. She understood that the song's message is what the group stand for and lauded Cole as an artist, gaining respect for him due to his deep lyricism and production.[2] In his six-minute MTV documentary "Life & Rhymes: J. Cole - Crooked Smile" in October 2012, Cole detailed that he re-wrote the song's verses repeatedly to make it have a broader appeal than rap, rather than a song "about his smile or his teeth".[3] Cole co-wrote it with additional vocalist Meleni Smith, while he handled the production and Elite served as co-producer.[4] The song was set out as a theme song of the album's second half, which represents seeing the light mentally.[3]

j cole crooked smile mp3 download


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