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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Crack Download 1.4.12 Extra Quality

One problem about installing updates and patches is that the game start icon(the eurotrucks2 application) that some people have changed by adding (-mm_pool_xxxx) to help with the memory, has to be changed back to the original wording or the patches will not initiate, because this is what the patch looks for to identify the files it needs to change.

euro truck simulator 2 crack download 1.4.12

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Just an update from a DLC user: The following result have been shown using the following maps:1. AWIB works with 1.5.2 but not with the DLC portion. no need to start new profile is using 1.4.12 prior.2. Promod Scandinavian map works fine with 1.5.2 and the DLC portion. No need to start new profile if used 1.4.12 prior.3. Rebuild Europe works with 1.5.2 but not the DLC portion. No need to start new profile is used 1.4.12 prior4. Romanian map works with 1.5.2 but not the DLC portion. no need to start new profile if used 1.4.12 prior5. Russian map 2.0 works fine with 1.5.2 and the DLC does not show up on the map. No need to start new profile if used 1.4.12 prior.Those users who have downloaded the new DLC, will find on most maps using Europe as the base map that the roads are not connected even though they show up on the map. The only map that has been successful is the Promod Scandinavian map, because they probably got an advance copy to test.It frustrating to see these results, and maybe the designers of the maps will update the maps in the future.It too bad that you cannot turn off the DLC because they attached it to the main map instead of making it a mod you could switch on or off.The only good portion of getting the DLC is to use it by itself with the base map and no other map in combination. The graphics are really well done.The only mod that I have found that crashed the game was the NO TOll GATE MOD that removed the arm at the toll gates. They updated the Toll gates some how and now its not working but only on the maps that have the DLC attached to the map, this is the second time an update did thisWell I hope this brings some things to light about the good and bad about the DLC upgrade.Good luck modders as most mods do work on 1.5.2 if they worked on 1.4.12.Bye for now and happy truckin

updated from 1.4.12 no problems at all, all the mods i had installed still work fine. the tsm map 4 also works no prob. have not noticed any change in graphics performance so far (used it for 6 hours yesterday) mini car and ford transit type pick-up truck added ti AI traffic. my steering seems a little more responsive as well.

We like to call this new addition the 'Mod Refund' feature. In simple terms, after a player has downloaded a third party modification and used it on their truck, they may in the future want to remove it (or it even may have become incompatible). This new feature reads and recognises the data from the modification, even if it has been removed, and refunds the player the difference with the in-game currency. This removes the problem of players losing money after using a modification.


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